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Anita Finley

I’ve been thoughtful about seniors since childhood on Miami Beach in the fifties. I spent hours walking around on the beach area, talking and listening to their stories.  They were friendly and caring.  Without many friends, seniors were important in my life. I never forgot  them.  I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. Her influence was the major reason I became a Gerontologist. 

Helping older adults be more appreciated was my goal. Getting a degree (Radio, TV, Film), and Masters in Gerontology, I spoke to organizations/groups encouraging seniors to be the best they could and wrote a senior column for PB Post for 10 years.  Written with my husband, “Live to Be 100 Plus,”  is still available. That led to a newsmagazine and radio show highlighting seniors and now boomers to lead the way showing their experience and making the world a better place.

The 30-year-old magazine is called Boomer Times & Senior Life – the area’s premier publication addressing the needs and experiences of South Florida’s seniors. The radio shows, now on Zoom, are Zoomertimes TV.  I enthusiastically invite all businesses and people who want to reach this special population my offerings.

Lastly:  Marrying at 17, having three children, working as a secretary at UM Lowe Art Museum, I met a fantastic man – was married to him forty-three idyllic years until his passing, 4 years ago. My son is an immigration lawyer in Miami with 15-year-old triplets. Life is filled with wonderful experiences, family and friends! 

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Meet BCOA Member
Eric Guitian

Since 6 years old, Eric has been hooked on music!  Singing and playing guitar have been a part of his life all through school and university.  After earning his Bachelor of Social Work from Florida International University, he knew he wanted to find a way to fuse his passion for music with a passion to give back to the community.  Mind&Melody was a perfect match!  


Before starting with Mind&Melody in January of 2018, Eric spent time in the restaurant business, working with children at a youth shelter in Miami, worked in a woodshop making pieces for furniture in Gainesville, and worked as an independent adjuster handling residential and auto claims all over Central and North Florida.

Besides music, Eric is a big Star Wars fan and enjoys Dungeon & Dragons. Weekly beach excursions are a must!  Early evenings on Sundays at the beach are the best time for him to relax and prepare for the week ahead. Eric’s trusty Honda Fit has taken him all over the country and he looks forward to periodic road trips no matter how long or short.  Driving is the best way to see everything our country has to offer.  His next travel goal is Japan!  “May the force be with you”.

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