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MonarchCare – Knyvett Lee & Scott Medoff


MonarchCare is a social service agency offering direct client services, information and resources for the care and support of the frail, elderly, disabled, or at-risk populations of South Florida. Our mission is to support vulnerable individuals who need help with life management due to age, disability or family circumstance.

Knyvett Lee

MonarchCare was founded by Knyvett Lee to render quality care management, daily money management and guardianship services in South Florida. As a not-for-profit charitable organization with a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS, we are able to serve individuals on a reduced rate or pro-bono basis, depending upon the level of donations we receive.

Our goal is to address the needs of South Florida’s vulnerable population by offering direct services and community education. Our program participants range from minor children (both with and without residential parents) to the elderly; from mentally ill youths to developmentally disabled adults. We provide services regardless of the person’s ability to pay. Our work is funded through program services fees, grants and donations. Since the early 1990s, MonarchCare has overseen the care of more than 1500 individuals living in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Scott Medoff

MonarchCare helps program participants in many ways. Over the years we have rescued vulnerable individuals from financial exploitation, restored institutionalized persons to independent lifestyles, and reconnected isolated persons with long lost family and friends.

We have three service programs, but many clients access more than one simultaneously. Our Care Management program uses care managers to provide a direct link to clients, offering intense case management that is rarely replicated by other agencies. The Guardianship and Trustee Services program includes our service as guardian or trustee as well as guardianship support services to non-professional guardians, usually family members. The Personalized Money Management Services provides financial counseling and daily money management to persons who need help or are at risk for financial exploitation. We also partner with local cities to assist their residents with benefits applications, setting up budgets and other financial support services. A fourth program entails our community outreach, Information & Referral and educational presentations.

The comprehensive services of MonarchCare ensure that vulnerable individuals in South Florida maintain their well-being, physically, emotionally and financially, to maximize their independence and safety. In addition, not only program participants, but also family members and health care professionals in our community receive education and resources to promote quality of life for an often neglected and/or exploited population.